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Chocolate Duet

Chocolate Duet

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Indulge in a delightful dance of tradition and chocolate decadence with our exclusive Chocolate Duet.

This exquisite pairing features two miniature masterpieces:

  • Mini Lapis Nutella: Savor the layered heritage of Kueh Lapis, infused with the rich, creamy taste of Nutella®.
  • Mini Orange Fantasy: A burst of citrusy orange complements luscious chocolate chips, creating a taste sensation.

A perfect gift for the chocolate aficionado with a refined palate, this bundle is a must-try for any kueh lapis connoisseur.

 Experience a delectable fusion of tradition and chocolate with our Chocolate Duet. Savor the rich Nutella-infused Mini Lapis Nutella and the citrusy burst of Mini Orange Fantasy. Perfect for chocolate aficionados and kueh lapis connoisseurs.

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