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Mom's Embrace Lapis Collection

Mom's Embrace Lapis Collection

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Celebrate the warmth of a mother's love with our exclusive Mother's Embrace Cake Collection. This carefully curated bundle brings together the essence of cherished family moments and the comforting aroma of a mother's kitchen. Each bite is a nostalgic journey, reminiscent of the love and care that fills a mother's heart.

Bundle Includes:

  • Mini Lapis Prune: Rich and indulgent, this cake is a tribute to the sweet memories shared around the family table.
  • Mini Signature Lapis Batavia: A classic favorite, embodying the traditions passed down through generations, just like a mother's wisdom.
  • Mini Lapis Limau Purut: Infused with citrusy goodness, this cake captures the refreshing spirit of a mother's love.

As a special gesture, enjoy a complimentary treat with every bundle – our delicate Mini Lapis Haw Flakes, a sweet reminder of the joyous moments only a mother's touch can create.

Let this collection be a heartfelt expression of gratitude and a journey back to the warmth of home. A mother's heart is a sanctuary, and our cakes are a delectable bridge to that special place where children always find solace.

Order now and gift your mother the love she deserves.

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